"my" poem in issue 1 hoax anthology

A majority

Distant as an exultation
An end of keys
A liberty
Like a matter
Coming goals and novel shouts
Like a day
Like a spirit
Hocks turned without mud
Sure windows and omnipotent
. shanties
Boring heaven
Bonnie as a content
Candid as sleep
The candid skies
A mistake of majorities
Covert as a shout

Catherine Daly
page 1808

the question is, how was it written? I don't think it was written from my work, because I rarely use similies, prepositional phrases starting with "of" or the words "spirit," "candid," and "covert" -- unless it was babelfished a few times, or if it is googleism from reviews? or from words that rarely appear -- you know, one-use words


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