are cliches used differently in different genres?

well, the example of cole porter points out: they are used differently by different lyricists

many lyricists use cliches or twists on cliches for effect

another thing is that if the "new" cliche is coming from film and song (make my day, etc. -- not coming from tv -- partially this is because films are marketed using catch phrases and tag lines and trailer moments), the writer of the would - be cliche is motivated to write the would - be cliche

at the same time that, perhaps, one has to wonder: what about cliches in poetry, then

if verse plays and poems (the well turned phrase, never so well said) were originally the source of cliche, but now the more ubiquitous media (and most lucrative to write) are now cliche mines

also -- and I think probably like never before the last 50 years -- we have sonic cliches -- riffs, solos; we have visual cliches, gags, whole scenes and situations: we are all attuned to the hackneyed, the overused, the easy

and some of us are suckers for it, and some of us find humor in it, perhaps more humor in twists on these "idiot savant commonplaces" than in new things ("ring of truth/familiarity"), and some of us don't

roses are red, violets are blue, hand me the potato chips
roses are red, violets are blue, hand me the potatoe chips

roses are red, violets are blue, your eyes are brown, send in the clowns


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