from a post to spidertangle (from a convo. of them) I hope to pursue these ideas this way

according to the english language definitions, mathematic + al = of the nature of mathematics

I'm merely pointing out that mathematics is a symbolic language that is written, that describes; by limiting it to arithmetic as simile and metaphor, you are limiting the many ways that it can (and does) become literature. For example, mathematical terminology often comes from plain language but takes on different meanings: and, or, is, equivalent, limit, union, conjunction, set, series, sequence, empty. Then my previous examples of analysis, functions, mathematical theory...

Arithmetic and metaphor are rudimentary tools; not to say a would be writer can't or shouldn't use them, or that they are bad, or that I don't; I just prefer more sophisticated literary techne.

The reason I think this is so important is that in science or technology -- springing from math -- there is a lot of overlapping confusion from this underlying math and literature confusion. Mathematics can also be a humanities study, and so it can relate to literature as, say, history does.

Visual poetry, like performance poetry, by contrast, can embrace the possibility of becoming literature, (visual) art, or both.


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