the jouet ?nairre and my answers


01. Your first name followed by your family name.
02. Your age at the present time.
03. Your training – schooling completed, professional capacities.
04. Your profession at the present time and, if appropriate,
earlier ones, in chronological order.
05. Your place of birth.
06. The town or village in which you are living at the present time
and, if appropriate, your earlier residences.
07. The type and nature of your lodging.
08. Your monthly income at the present time.
09. Your domestic status at the present time and, if appropriate,
those that preceded it.
10. One or more events that were decisive factors in your life.

01. Catherine Daly
02. 42
03. MFA, Creative Writing -- Poetry. Certifications on various computing, management, technical disiplines, softwares.
04. None. Unlicensed general laborer.
05. Decatur, IL.
06. Los Angeles: Los Feliz Village. 1 yr +. Lafayette Square, 3 - yrs. Miracle Mile, 1 1/2 yrs. Park a Brea, 7 yrs.
07. SFR. 1923 tudor fixer.
08. None. Family, much higher.
09. Homemaker / spouse.
10. Left Decatur, went to school. Went to graduate school in New York. Worked in New York. Moved to Los Angeles. Published books.


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