I was going to post about some reading last night, but then read two blog snippets, Sina's to Kenneth Goldsmith's at poetry re: flarf & conceptual poetry

1) flarf could be fragmentary, open (a la secret kitty, which I wrote as a critique of flark, including this aspect), but it is not, because the poetics is essentially conservative, and demonstrates meter -- and other poetry trad. -- ghosting, haunting more, and more deliberately (DEAR HEAD NATION, ROUGE STATE) than even other poems by the same people

It is also sort of disappointing that no one has critically commented about the store display & vending machine poems in VAUXHALL, which are found sound and visual poems, or about Aisle or my strip mall signs and poems, which are far more pointed than Robert Fitterman's Directory, which basically reports the banality of brands in an mall, rather than looking at the cacophony of signs meant for all -- even, in the case of candy -- those who can't yet read.

2) Elisa Gabbert: dress as costume is interesting and good, and while women use it this way more than men, and men have tried to control this (& of course many other things) thru sumptuary laws, etc., but true fashion is different from costume. it is also different from fashion week and the fashion aspect of the clothing industry. Fashion, unlike costume or dress, is a creative cultural product. Barthes is only an itty bitty right.


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