note on epistemology of the closet reading for one minute:

1880-1920 influx of catholic and jewish immigrants like a reformation/counterreformation, as far as morality/mores is concerned

of course a lot about the increased awareness of homosexuality during wwi, and the clampdown on new orleans and other read light districts: the disappearance of "victorian" mores -- is written

but n this book: child sex, autoeroticism, etc. : don't we see that priests are emphasizing the sinfulness of these practices to the uneducated, devoted new immigrants, while at the same time, prostitution, abortion, drinking, among the immigrants is disdained by the established, victorian protestants in america?

I will try to get back to this idea...

I can't believe the "i" key is going on my new computer. I hope it is my finger...


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