Dear Local and Caltech Poets,

Local and Caltech Poets will meet at the Red Door Cafe on the Caltech
campus this Friday, January 15, at 4: 30 PM to share their own work
and favorite poems by historical and other contemporary poets. Bring
10 copies of a poem of your own, or a favorite poem to share.

Also consider your thoughts on translation of poetry. Each person will
have a few minutes to present some thoughts on this, and share a short
sample of your own or another poet's translation of a poem.

Our dynamic conversations are always stimulating and inspiring, as the
week ends and dark falls on campus. Caltech Poetry Club has been a
forum for exchange between Caltech community and Local poets since
October 2007. We have met every week since then even through the
summers. Our meetings are attended by Caltech students, staff,
faculty, and community from JPL and the Huntington Library and
Gardens, as well as local poets from Southern California and visiting
poets worldwide. Our farthest guest so far was Masa Jimbo, a
mathematics professor , and conference host from Nagoya, Japan. Last
week we were happy to have with us Noele Norris, a graduating senior
in electrical engineering, who has been with us since 2007, reading a
poem on a painting by Frida Kahlo. Also a new member, post-doc in
biology Amir, who writes poetry in Hebrew.

If you have never joined us before, please write for
location, directions and rsvp. Look for Kathabela's flowery hat in
front of the Red Door Cafe, we move indoors into the cafe when it is
too dark to read in the lamplight, ends promptly at 6 when the cafe


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