Will probably comment there, but as a preliminary, a list of occasions from VAUXHALL -- also, too, this is work with is also poetry of PLACE (without including "Chinese Wedding" due to length considerations).

1) Sampler: not occasional, but an ars poetica, which wonder, might be occasional for a poet. Also, an object poem.

2) Vessels: an object poem. Lots of the same reference material as Sampler.

Note to self: raw vs. cooked in these poems.

3) Peace: I view this as an occasional poem. It is written to order on a topic. So then, how is "an order for a poem on a topic" an occasion? Well, for one, if a poem written for the Queen's Jubilee is an occasional poem, so is any other poem written to order on a topic. Thus, all those poems written as exercises, really, to order for theme issues of lit journals, are really occasional poems, IMO.

4) Golf: not an occasional poem. One of the games poems. Defintely always a VAUXHALL poem, tho. I keep forgetting if I put in "Chess" and "Parchesi" in VAUXHALL.

5) Music and Dance poems. Different relationship to (different) source material than most of the Vauxhall poems, but about voice and gesture (place? hm)

6)Candy: found bits from holiday candy displays; so oblique, but occasional.

7) The Study of Paradise: written for Grace Lawless Kidd on the occasion of her birth. First Vauxhall poem written. Hence

Delight is her name, though she is very young.
She graces our study of paradise,
glances into our faces.

as a sort of working in of her first name at the end, like a ghazal.

8) Heaven: not occasional

9) Canada Place: written at Canada Place

10) Nouns off Monterey: I was originally -- and still very well may -- do a painting poem, where the nouns were the painting, but it was figural

sky sky sky sky
sky cloud sky
sky cloud cloud
sky sky sky

at it's simplest conception, but maybe something more elaborate like

blue sky white sky aqua sky blue sky sky
sky cirrus streaking across underlit pink
blue sky white sky aqua sky blue sky sky
cirrus white and mauve blue sky blue sky
white sky aqua sky blue sky sky blue

11) It Has It All: like Canada Place, written from text around -- Santa Barbara pier (I don't think the teeny wetland is there anymore)

12) Big Book of Birds: They are each "mini" vauxhall poems. There is a related chapbook which is closer to OOD, Cocktail, which I debated about including too... I just wrote another one for TITS. Nightengale Girl / Girl Nightengale were the first, and they were going to be part of a series that -- I took the form for Chanteuse / Cantatrice instead: it was going to be you know, one half "Mockingbird" and then at the bottom "Nightengale" -- there was going to be a canary / big band vs. Charlie Parker sort of poem... I used to live near Birdland...

13) Art, Art, Art: a poem on a topic for an occasion

14) Do You Hear What I Hear? One of my Christmas poems -- more holiday during a war year; thought about starting out with this as January / New Year, with Hook and Ornament at the end and Art3 and Study in the middle when they were written, but decided "Sampler" was a better foot for the book to stand on.

15) Hook and Ornament: one of my christmas poems.




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