well, this was suggested at she writes. I don't know what I learned this year...

here are some things I tried to do

1. if something is causing pain, writer-wise, try avoiding it, rather than trying to conquer it or transform it, or thinking it is important

2. the debate with myself about what's easy and what's habitual and if that's good or needs to be pushed in my writing continues

3. to continue to question the idea that process-based projects rooted in testing a series of ideas, or applying a process, etc. are really performance, "all execution," after put in motion

4. is public speech -- reviewing, some wrting -- considering audience -- performance in that way?

all of these things related to a question: how is improvisation related to the "frozen music" that is poetry -- if not through layering / the dance of meaning for author AND reader? through time? space?


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