James Finnegan on New Poetry explanded the easy dichotomies I noted earlier and beyond raw / cooked. I changed them and added

he'd written more plain / usual antonyms (thank you Roget) than poetry ones

clear / elusive
plain / fancy
concrete (general, not concrete poetry) / abstract
sequential / disjunctive
narrative / non-narrative
syntactical / asyntactic
closed / open
controlled / loose
easy / difficult
coherent / fragmentary
simple / complex
grammatical / ungrammatical
line breaks for punctuation / punctuated
meter & syllabics / breath based lines
inspiration / craft

now, I don't think using dichotomies is a great way t teach or think after high school, although that's something I ought to spell out -- it is not as though they should merely be replaced with dialectic and discourse, but -- maybe that's ok for undergrads!


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