Do I have a problem with the Tupelo contest? Only one or two.

I think that it is rather misleading to call their newsletter the Poetry Project, as there's a pretty famous newsletter by that name, unless they've bought the name... or are coordinating with Anselm Berrigan now...

Now, it is that they chose a single translation for the fragments, Anne Carson's in fact.

- the one with violets in her lap ( fragment 21)

- if not, winter (fragment 22)

- no more than the bird with piercing voice (fragment 30)

- but all is to be dared, because even a person of poverty (fragment 31)

- you burn me (fragment 38)

- but I to you of a white goat (fragment 40)

- the doorkeeper's feet are seven armlengths long (fragment 110)

- just now goldsandaled Dawn (fragment 123)

- sweetbitter unmanageable creature who steals in (fragment 130)

- gold anklebone cups (fragment 192)


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