When we speak of trends, we concern ourselves with changes, with shifts in style from here to there and back again. Trends are peripheral, yet we can lose ourselves in too blind a concern for them. Central to the changes is something else. If we have to give a name to this centrality, and I guess we do, one name is "Spirit." Every fashion, every trend, every style may function as a gateway to the central significance of the aesthetic experience if the individual persists. That is, though we follow trends or get on bandwagons we can always get off and head towards the eternal significance, Spirit. At best styles and trends and fashions are but clothes for the raison d'etre of any art. At the worst, fashions, styles and trends function as traps for the unwary. I will treat here of a tradition, a concept and a discipline, namely the concept or theory called "Equivalence," by which any style, fashion or trend may be worked through to something beyond the conformism of competition.

Minor White

I am interested in zeitgeist, trend as well as aesthetic traps in trends

didn't follow him to "equivalence" -- at least not yet, because (in part) of the photo secession and other works by WOMEN I saw recently at the met, which are somewhat different... and very much the same as theorized, I suspect...

Eva Watson-Schütze, Gertrude Käsebier, ...


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