More soap abcedaria:

Pretty pictures and truism about children's friend Wool Soap,” “A true story told in
verse and pretty pictures which we trust will interest both young and old.”

A is for Alphabet read this one through and learn all the good that Wool Soap can do.
B is for Baby so pink and so white who is bathed with Wool Soap each morning and night.
C is for Children immersed in a tub now take some Wool Soap and give them a scrub.
D stand for Dip, which we take in the sea Wool Soap, comes in here, for you and me.
E for Early the time to arise and bathe with Wool Soap—that is if you are wise.
F stands for Faultless, as you surely will see that Wool Soap for the bath and toilet will be.
G is for Goose and of course he don’t know Wool Soap is the best of all in this row.
H stands for Hurrah! We’ve found it last the famous Wool Soap, which can’t be outclassed.
I is for Indian who sees with delight a really clean red man Wool Soap did it right.
J is for Judge he is healthy and stout, he uses Wool Soap—the secret is out.
K stands for Kisses the baby wants three bathe with Wool Soap she is sweet as can be.
L is for Laces the richest and best well washed with Wool Soap a critical test.
M stands for Model the word people use when quoting Wool Soap and stating their views.
N is for Nations progressive and great who use Wool Soap and are right up to date.
O stands for Object we have one in mind to talk for Wool Soap the best of its kind.
P is for Present the best time to try a bar of Wool Soap with quality high.
Q stands for Question which soap is quite pure? Why Wool Soap of course, in that rest secure.
R is for Ribbons as good as when new Wool Soap will do just the same thing for you.
S stands for Success which comes at our call if we use Wool Soap when soap’s use at all
T is for Trial all soaps to compare Wool Soap win if the trial is fair.
U is stands for Uncle of American fame he uses Wool Soap let’s all do the same.
V is for Victory Wool Soap has won, and yet its mission only begun.
W stands for Wool Soap remember its name keep singing its praises and spreading its name.
X is a cross, which we will all have to bear but using Wool Soap will lessen our care.
Y is the letter that still stands for You. It means use Wool Soap whatever you do.
Z stands for our Zeal of which we are proud when we talk Wool Soap we talk right out loud.


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