I wonder, though, how revising different sorts of poems is different? For example, revising a poem with meter and rhyme must certainly be different from rewriting a lyric narrative in free verse, from improving a poem in an innovative format?

Length strikes me as a difference too -- short vs. 1-3 pages vs long vs. book length?

Thinking about this today: there seems to me to be a number of ways and means hiding under "revision" (to see again):

editing (in Pat's note full of great tips, "proofreading" -- but it is more than that -- there's also usage, concision, mot juste, tone, timing, space, of punctuation, line breaks and other pauses, syntax, words, grammatical structure; there's -- outside of narrative, logic...

revision, audition, overhearing (see my comments a while back)

rewriting, reworking...

This last -- because we continue whatever it is we're doing in ways that have a history -- how do you work on things differently, depending on their source, relationship to you, to the world?

a thing that came from notes (and are those overheard from other people? bits of thoughts?) versus research (notes from...)

sui generis

a promising squib from practice in craft
(which I crabbily distinguish from)
a promising squib from a "poetry exercise"



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