some grokked reviews of readings I ran in May:

Mentioned the Todd Baron reading previously. May seemed to be the month of fairly successful readings with alternative arrangements.

Todd's students sat down around a table we made at B&N by scotting two study desks together. Three microphones into their little pa system. As usual, I introduced Todd, who is an important poet to me, as I was struggling to read Temblor regularly way back on the advice of Ann Lauterbach (Zukofsky's A also), and I read a review of Todd's O Books book RETURN OF THE WORLD; I asked for it for my birthday, and my sister Elizabeth ordered it through the old Books & Co. He then introduced his students, and they introduced themselves -- how their work was supported by Todd, etc. Interestingly, although Todd teaches language arts int he crossroads lower school, he keeps track of and supports the writing of many upper school students.

They were reading the last day of senior year in high school (the three seniors who read), and so the spirit was very celebratory.

I may have mentioned previously (right after the reading) that they read round robin, going around the table twice or three times (don't remember) and each reader ended his or her "turn" by reading a poem from someone else at the table.

Joseph Thomas' CSUN reading in the Writers & TEachers series was pretty special. I think I have pics I can upload (if they didn't get mislaid in the photographing of 2121 Bonsallo (a house we have a bid in on) frenzy.

It was a constraint reading: three students, Joseph, some D&D dice, some noisemakers, and -- 45 minutes!


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