It is an interesting text.

I’d like the post the results of some interview questions on my blog. Jut e-mail me if you want to answer!

Here they are:

Why did you self-publish? Did you circulate the collection for publication through more traditional means?

Would you consider publishing works by others? Will you bring out subsequent books or your own?

What has been the response to your book?

What has been the response to your circulation of .pdf-format review copies?

Do you, or did you, pursue publication of individual poems? Why or why not? Will you in future?

Did you pursue blurbs or the other trappings of traditional publication and marketing of books? Are you pursuing typical marketing of books (it seems so, since you sent me a query regarding review)?

Who are the poets that you admire? Can you select a poem you love, and explain why you love it or what you learned from it?

You explain you began writing after finding yourself writing on the backs of your paintings. Your cover painting seems quite textual, and narrative. You poetry seems to be – not painterly, but visual in the same way – while it is not visual poetry, you make heavy use of “mentioning” or “telling” about color, appearance, etc. You also seem to collage images and phrases. Can you describe your process and how you arrived at it a bit?

Your poems seem devoted to non sequitors, especially the endings of them. For example, the endings of the poems are most often single words or phrases which are stanzas on their own. Yet the beginnings of the poems are often comparatively lengthy sentences. What do you feel is the role of this type of non sequitor in the poems?

All best,
Catherine Daly

Greetings Ms. Daly,

Attached is an e-book version of my self-published first collection of poems titled; "Automaton Perfume A First Collection of Poems.
If any of the works peak your interest enough to garner comment/review from you, I would obligingly send a hard copy.

Cover painting was created by me. ["Pets From Outerspace"]

Michael Haley


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