I've made a few posts on my blog to connect politics, religion, and my writing -- which are of course all connected --
but I'm also on deadline and have a book coming out (and the oppt'y to make some changes to Da3!!!)
Alan -- how is belief an action?
I would like to point out that the number of Christian fundamentalists in this country is tiny. The number of regularly-churchgoing Protestants is miniscule. The number of observant Catholics is decreasing.
I would like to point out that the "morality vote" figures are from the same type of freaking exit polls which were so inaccurate.
I would like to point out that those polls show that "terrorism" and Iraq where nearly statistically ties with this amorphous concern. We're talking a percentage point and a lot of political and media hype and rhetoric here. Defense has been "owned" by the Republicans ever since St. Reagan's deficit spending, Star Wars, and Iran Contra.
The Catholic church comes out against almost all Catholic politicians who are not rabidly anti-abortion. I would like to point out that Kerry is divorced, and so is not a communicant any longer.
Didn't Kennedy have problems? I also think I remember a time in middle America that John Kerry -- and most of middle America -- chose not to remember, when KKK still burned just as many crosses on Catholics yards. After all, "Katholics" is one of the Ks. Hello, southern white
conservative political constituency. When my dad and his friends ran
for political office in central Illinois *it was actually a concern that the campaigns had to address* that the Pope would be running the sad little town I grew up in.
The church has chosen to ally with anti-Catholics to pursue a radically anti-birth control, anti-fertility treatment stance. Yeah, "everyone forgets" "pro-life" is against hormone treatments and in vitro.
The one deeply (divorced!) Catholic Mexican-American Bush voter I know voted pro-life, not Bush, but he still doesn't realize that Mel Gibson isn't Roman Catholic, but a member of a fringe Christian cult with a confusing name.
Most pro-choice movements have shown that significant numbers of women vote and give money against the stated positions of male religious leaders of their religions. But significant numbers of women voted for Bush.
I might add that the fact that most of the Bush voters I know do not regularly attend church and their beliefs in general are convenient. Methodists who are quasi-professional country line dancers and consider margueritas not to be an alcoholic beverage. Those who, like Bush, paid for abortions for knocked up girlfriends. This is why the revival and the rebirth is so popular -- feels good, lasts only until they strike the tents.


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