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what am I doing today -- wiping toxic mold off records (lps, mostly, eps)

the toxic mold is from my husband's grandparents basement, and hasn't really invaded my records

another day in the miserable air filter mask

thought I'd record records I have to open up if they have inscribed messages from the wax pressing -- so far just one

the vslue of the records as collector's items is now destroyed -- so another way to track relative worth -- I am spending an afternoon attempting to preserve LPs and EPs which now have very little value -- even the imports, 1st pressing albums, rare records that we collected during our lp and ep buying period

what about the music in the archives of the 60s generation writers (only now dying / selling archives)? Sontag doesn't strike me a someone who had a great record collection


Anonymous said…
Toxic mold grows on albums? Or just Fall albums? I'll have to sandblast "Palace of Swords Reversed" just in case
Anonymous said…
Hi I am going through very similar circumstances right now, I was wondering if you had visible mold growth on your vinyl, slipcases or jackets or if it is just that the space in which they were stored was moldy??? Feel free to email me if you want to share or scream or cry.
alena said…
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Thanks again and I'll be sure to bookmark you.

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