lucipo archive: Scott Pierce wonders, "is she insane?"

but isn't pointing out that bad poetry is generally not "about" poetry in a way, but about society / a social structure quite logical (if way too Lacanian for my taste)?

why is a chapbook a book?

still like claiming an ep is an lp to me


Anonymous said…
first, you'd have to define what you mean by bad poetry. I don't see things so black n white.

second, you have time and time again made the mode of publication the measuring stick for good and bad.

I am not knocking your criticism of scenes, etc. but rather I am interested in how you suggest people make poetry available if not through micropublishing, whether self or another agency. I am not interested in your "professional" queries. That has nothing to do with poetry, only prestige and feeding your need for official legitimacy as an artist.

If it is just technical differences (number of pages, style of binding) then yes, i will of course say a chapbook and a book are different.

But is the poetry different? That is what I keep asking you and you keep ignoring.

By the way, you misquoted me. I said "I am beginning to think that you are insane".

-Scott Pierce
Anonymous said…
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