dead kittens on humpo /jacketmagazine

now, I do have dead kittens in VAUXHALL

but I am responding to this

Rachel Loden: [quoting Kasey]: “We mustn’t have sad poetic feelings about dead kittens. It’s ‘melodramatic.’” Unless of course those sad poetic feelings are blown sideways as in Ashbery’s “Our Youth,” a very poignant and romantic poem (“The dead puppies turn us back on love”). So it’s not the dead kittens per se, is it? It’s the preciousness of Oliver’s speaker, her self-dramatizing pleasure in what she wants to bury.

because I think that mary oliver perhaps isn't quite so bad as she is, because she really dwells on and travels over a certain new england, using animals and nature to stand for people and ideas which she doesn't give any clear clues she consciously seeks to understand, encounter, etc., but which pervade the ideas of that landscape, and here I am thinking of the "monstrous births" of the female preachers / heretics in RI, mass bay, etc. -- now, like unfortunate warts, were these just noticed on those who were about to be expelled in any case? miscarriages and still births etc. being very common? or --


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