enough about dead kittens and the pastoral as spirit channelling, and onto badness and humor?

kitty is more akin to kasey's deer head than otherwise, but the blatantly commercial nature of the internet as seen through a commercial search engine is, I hope, brought to the forefront; the three parts of section 1 of kitty 1 are for the different search engines -- these are then machine translated in various ways in section 2 of kitty 1

kitty speaks for sanrio, though she has no mouth

kitty 2 isn't out yet but it is handed in and uses some word art/ refs to olson's dogtown, but the beating heart of it is a collaboration from the pussipo list

kitty 3 -- an early draft of the blavatsy poem -- spirit medium, get it? -- is forthcoming at naropa's We. it uses color, and I've bolded the stresses on at least one poem, but I'm thinking of super and subscripting, kerning, whatnot to it as well. it is a synesthesia confusion of color - sound and letter - sound right now.

in any case, what does this have to do with dead kitties and humor?

set up


what does humor have to do with kasey's evolution of thought about badness in poetry? I think that you can see -- in gabe's poem's too -- that humor is most easily read when satire or irony -- someone on humpo said they read "swift, not ____, not ____"


Rachel pointed out that if everything is seen to be humorous -- like Todesfugue -- humor becomes useless to label, desribe or categorize -- and here that like humorist mark twain I've said mary oliver may be bad, but not as bad as she is read


what if competence in poetry writing, writing a competent poem (good form, plain speech, etc.) can't be taught, but writing very very well can? because I think this is a distinct possibility that tromping through the idea of play and creativity -- and abstraction -- can lead us to (that taught using an entirely different pedagogy, more people -- perhaps more than we're prepared to cope with -- will write more gooder poetry and writing it would be funner)

I can paint a better picture with my dead cat; my dead cat can paint a better picture.


the billy collins anecdote leads me to point out that he is a uc riverside grad, and "funny poet" ron koertge (he wrote some book about roget's wife before ... Harryette Mullen wrote sleeping with a dicitonary...) was a buddy of his there, so this east coast west coast thing is hype, not a true music style division in this case

the only furniture maker I can think of Collins could be referencing is Maloof, where the front IS as important as the back -- Japanese influence -- in other words, this is artcraft object, and the comparison is to a poem as competent artcraft object

it has got the punch line standing in for the lyric lift in other merely lyric official verse, like most officially funny poems

it has also got -- winks aside -- a demonstration of a number of things, like there are artcraft furniture makers like maloof and I know of them, and they aren't making just chairs, and I am eddicated, unlike the Padgett poem, which does beg the question, could a dead cat have written the poem? the answer is no, but the Padgett poem only requires education to write because it states it is a poem, and the result of thought, which is serious in some way, and not an idle conversational thought shared over a Blatz, perhaps while whittling something.

ok, now -- going somewhere with these numbered thoughts -- will certainly require some ceiling plastering


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