For tonight’s Writer’s Garage, come hear sections from THE URINALS' book.

That's right, The Urinals are doing a book...a documentary/memoir/oral history of the early LA Punk scene from the view of some of its most innovative artists...

Interested in hearing about the early LA punk scene?

Want to know what it was like to be the first US punk band to play in China?

How it is to be slipped acid by the Meat Puppets?

Come hear the sordid, illuminating and entertaining tales of legendary LA punks THE URINALS/100 Flowers as they read from their collective memoir/oral history-in-process. Reading tonight will be Kathy Talley Jones, John Talley-Jones and Kevin Barrett.

About The Writers Garage
We are every Wednesday. If you are a pissed off liberal, a disenfranchised conservative, conspiracy theorist, writer, thinker, rock musicfan,reader, free speech advocate, folk singer, protester, here we are.Weekly we will try to bring together writers of novels,music,magazine,radio,talk and rock to shed light on the dark area's of american life.

You are invited to join us for dinner and drinks starting at 7pm every Wednesday @ Dipiazzas Lava Lounge,5205E. Pacific Coast Highway ,Long Beach, CA 90804 - 562-498-2461

Cost $5


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