quotes from hd, mrl, and ronald johnson at the new book of ocean review at Eileen tabios' galatea resurrects:

HD: I thought my thought might spoil your thought.

spoil indulge, overripen?

but no, the reviewer has it right, also to keep a thought from creeping separate? not as a contagion -- actually maybe to contain one's own thoughts?

MRL: I don’t want to fall. I want to remain discrete…

MRL: what is an asked division
RJ: when the mingled frame of mind

whet NOT in the mingled mind?

MRL: compulsively light without seam or axis

whole cloth

HD: I feel the meaning that words hide…
MRL: words less tocsin than costume
HD: …little boxes conditioned to hatch butterflies

RJ: It is as if you yourself were your own onlooker

RJ: artifact rather than argument
MRL: yes what does not meld yes
RJ: sustained sequentially as to insistence
MRL: trying to make what doesn’t exist veering past clarity


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