beloved imagination, I love your unsparing quality

romantic view of "madness" is pain
what is the way to liberate,
to satisfy the several demands of

the problem of memory against pattern,

grid of streets
like a girl imposed on an island, peninsula

Yonder Heart

"Delight is her name..."
"what god quotes himself?"

I have not seen her
her heart
monitored, watched
her breath, her small face;

I do not know her name.

I saw a picture of her when my husband described
the small hat hospitals now put on newborns,
my mom described her curly red hair,
Elizabeth, her mom, described her expressive, sleeping face.

how can we have not been babies, and how
similar babies are, all species' babies tender,
every thing born part closed, part open,
raw and vulnerable,
more sophisticated than

some ax, some bucket, some radio

and the problems of grand, old trees.


Null, dictates my beloved, is the number
she would rather marry [than me]; not if Jupiter himself seeks her hand.
The beloved's speech deceives: a quote of love in wind ought to be carried by fast water.

Null dictate my number
Deceit: cupid, cupidity quote deceit love
in fast writing

beloved cupidity quote deceit love


what I did
the night my niece wasn't born
honestly, not a whole heck of a lot
shit and the guys who hang out in front of our house
who found mom's cellphone only threw it back down?
or, he found it, and they said "yeah, we found it, but didn't know what to do"

It is cool outside in Florida.
It is cool outside in California,
and Elizabeth and Adam are not walking together in the cool, or taking a vigorous hike, or meandering over to friends'.

It is lovely here but Ron says he loves me by saying he wants me there.
Do I have the courage to light candles outside and play radio jazz and write to the candles and crickets at home?

I am in Sunny Shores and have put some paper around a lightbulb to filter it, it now being too cool outside to sit there.

Deep-Sea Fishing is fun for the whole family.
It is four-quadrant.

Not a noisy sport. Niece still not born.
Night snook fishing.
Ernest Dimnet: "do not read good books... only read the best"

Historic Spanish Point
Pt. O'Rocks

created gem

I've created a clean patch on my floor.

Maybe the west direction is my romantic poetry direction.

what's so good about an evergreen shrub


where is history?
only here, for the year


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