from the rest of the April world jumble that will become where am I, I hope

fresh local flavor
the city's motto
decorations are down
the city's real cadence
inescapable logos
"where am I" who, me?
oh, happy day
sick rail tricks
luxury, eco-firendly
men demand luxury and attention
shave and a harcut, two bits
the architects drafted were stationed here
the modernist community
products might seem plain, but
recyclable, portable speakers

I know where Mayberry Lake is located
Easter Brunch at the Rainbow room
dinner at Cafe des Artistes before the marriage of figaro

aphrodesiacs range from banal to bizarre
like memory -- this bouillabase, this fertility rite --
sets the tone
(ensure, treat)

you have an unselfish heart
it is only the effect of your emotions you don't know how focussing
on that
that is

wht's why we're in this

if poetry's a gift, what is the ultimate?
rural "tripping the light fantastic"
xenophobic paranoia publish activity, communal sensibility

(where am I)
Inside Her

write about what you see and hear
stress is like white noise, pink noise, orange static; is has weight, viscosity
sharp pain or dull pain better to ignore by walking out or listening to vehicles
read and writing as sounded is too loud
if writing is about responding, how not to respond to an unhealthy environment

a poem in a cactus garden

"you can't hear yourself think"

clearing quiet for "your own" writing


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