from Chris Piuma's blog from Feb.

It's possible that by "famous" I mean "the kind you have to pay traveling expenses for to get them to [ ]"

I have long thought this, but wonder how -- I mean, the most unlikely people are paid, versus people who are not.

My friends who don't attend poetry readings regularly mention that they lose focus during readings, that their minds wander. They think this makes them feel like they are bad audiences for poetry readings. My mind wanders all the time at readings. It does not seem like a bad thing.

music concerts are the same, and why shouldn't they be -- art shows -- what up??? are poetry readings supposed to be more like movies or theatre

Marjorie Perloff said on Saturday: "I like to pick winners."

because united statesites like to pick winners by voting for them rather than evaluating who they think might be an effective leader, our electoral process is crap

How can you know who the winners are when you can't keep tabs on the races?

Clearly, we need some sort of writing uh, racing form? whatzit called?

here's a racing glossary that's cool


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