Cracked Slab Books is pleased to announce the publication of two new books!

Course of Action by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen
Morphs. Grant Jenkins and Cheryl Pallant

Both can be purchase at;

About Morphs:
What happens when poetry becomes a thrilling late night conversation? The co-authored poems in Morphs explore new ways of thinking and writing and living that were always available for people willing to take the risk of responding to each other. The back and forth leaps, jump cuts, and startling juxtapositions in these poems offer not discrete poetic reveries of a lyric voice in standardized isolation but poetry as the electrifying weave, slant, and break of writers creating their own common ground. Always darting at the edge of what can and can’t be said, these poems reveal, finally, the tremendous excitement that can come from being involved in the life and words of others.
-- Mark Wallace

The poetry of Morphs features a committed conversation this reader experiences as occurring in layers, pricks, grace notes, simulated dance steps, and thick sliding scales. The authors’ pleasure in inventing ways to communicate à deux across geographic distance is always in evidence. While formally inventive, the interpersonal world of these poems is rich in content and serious play.
-- Carla Harryman

Morphs is a poetics of “Beginner’s Mind.”
-- Christian Peet


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