a job selected for me

At Lifetouch, we consider it a privilege to capture precious memories for millions of individuals, families and organizations. For over 70 years, Lifetouch has been capturing the spirit of today and preserving memories for tomorrow with quality childhood, student and family photographs. Lifetouch provides professional portraits for preschools and schools, houses of worship and the retail market. With operations in all 50 states and Canada, Lifetouch Inc. is the largest employee-owned photography company in the world.

Lifetouch Church Directories and Portraits has helped churches bring families together and reach out to members. Lifetouch Church Directories and Portraits serves the church market by providing high quality family portraiture, pictorial directories, online directories, and church communication/outreach tools.

don't we all owe -- I do anyway -- certain family and grandparent photos to the "take the church" photo companies?


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