Martha Collins
History of Small Life on a Windy Planet
University of Georgia Press, 1993

This is a third book, a prize winner (PSA) while in draft, by an author who had won several prizes already when the book was published. The "flip open" poem has both the pomo gestures ("the text"), etc. one would expect, but also -- I want to say a greater immediacy that Janet Holmes' F2F, but since that book is about mediated immediacy or imMEDIAcy, the comparison is faulty, yet, here is Collins:

In Black and White

--Words, he said, black
stars in a white sky.

--No, she said, white
words, milk, you can't see.


--Off my back, Hon, I'm
your text, you wrote



Have books gotten bigger? This -- given the title, a small life, the writer's life as a small life? the poet's? what a comparatively modest claim on the millennial poet-turf; on a windy -- too verbose? -- planet, ostensibly ours,


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