On Dream Street
Melanie Alexander, 2007
Tupelo Press

ON DREAM STREET: I have written before about poems and dreams, their "history together", things in common and not. Taking dreams, and poems, literally, part of this commonality is the desire to see, through the "stream of consciousness", or images, of dream, and through the language bent to form or thought in poetry, of emergent meanings perhaps richer than those on the surface. We interpret dreams; we interpret poems.

Here in this book are elusive poems which are exact, but not indicative. But perhaps this is more true. Do dreams mean much, or are our consciousnesses just unraveling the day in order to start again? Is a jumble evocative, and why? If a jumble is not evocative, and these poems seems to evoke something -- but what? -- are they like dreams? The poems have the urgency of "the muse" -- but toward their own creation.


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