Sony Reader (Sony)
Agebook Reader (EBS Tech)
eGriver IDEO (Condor Tech)
eGriver Touch (Condor Tech)
Kogan eBook Reader (Kogan Tech)
Alex eReader (Spring Designs)
Kobo eReader (Kobo Books)
ES600 (Stereo International)
Digital Reader (iRex Tech)
Boox-S and Boox-60 (Wolder Electronics)
Paperback (yes, that's a name - italica)
Nook (Barnes & Noble)
Story (Iriver)
iPapyrus 6 (iPapyrus Inc)
WISE Reader N516, N518, N520, N526
PocketBook (Pocketbook)
BeBook (Endless Ideas)
COOL-ER (Interead)
Papyrus (Samsung)
Kindle (Amazon)
Kindle DX (Amazon)
eSlick (Foxit)
Hanlin (Jinke)
WISEreader (Hanvon)
(and this doesn't count your phones)

And Google is launching a new reader in China called Editions.


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