Jut back from NY. Was very sick, still am, spent allmost all my non-reading time in the hotel room,

but I was also unfortunately reminded that my new fondness for Los Angeles has been based on the fact that I have not been able to travel anywhere else for a significant period of time.

In short, this reading "tour" is reminding me how very much I prefer pretty much anywhere to LA.

Posted this to the poetics list -- I'm reposting here, as much of the stuff here is based on e-mails I send --

Voice Recognition Poetry

there's quite a lot of voice recognition poetry out there

I've got some at Puppyflowers (4, the sound issue) --

I fed tongue twisters through, and some stuff I actually wrote, some of that based on some language acquisition exercise books from the 60s that I bought at a teacher supply house which supplies a lot of vintage school stuff to set dressers --

I also used the foreign accents -- I had the voice recognition recognize the computer reader avatars with the different accents, and an assortment of machine translation into German, French... and kept looping the material through the readers and voice recognition -- there are lovely passages from my parrot, who was going a little wild during the whole experiment, there is a lot of interference from riffling pages and the voice recognition software translating the sounds of typing in with the words

all in all, it depends how you've trained your voice recognition program, and -- of course it was picking up a lot of habits as I was doing this -- I tried to keep it as dumb / coach it as little as possible -- what this revealed was just how brand and product conscious it was coded to be -- kept dropping brand names and (mostly computer) company names into the text, which, as I mentioned, was originally this noun-rich sonic environment for little kids

Walking around the room

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Interruption of the parrot

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Interaction of the parent

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Interruption of the Ferret

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