some thoughts on the Cayley / Sondheim codework disscussion:

cleanliness is next to...
catherine as pure, catharsis, cleansing of the dirty
compile / compilation

suffix / suffused

prefix / broken

this relates to the stuff about Paul Lake, as he (like N. Katherine Hayles, who writes about fiction and science, but who is also now also Vice Chancellor of UCLA, both of Digital Arts AND English) is tracing ways in which scientific AI (technologists views of AI, ye olde fuzzy, and the like tend to be much dimmer and more qualified, since they are actually using these ideas) and other facets of cognitive science are undercutting some ideas about psychology, applied philosophy, and writing (identity, authoring, spectatorship, patterning), while they are throwing forth really old and dull theory, most of it by old french guys, and ideas that after all are about fiction mostly, not poetry or writing in general -- as far as they are about learning, seeking, I do think they are ultimately related to writing / poetry -- but there are so few "novels." I mean, there's some genre fiction, there are still some big postmodern novels, but there's really a lot of prose poetry and a lot of fictionalized documemoir.


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