Shanna Compton: Do you play video games?

odd that you should ask; while I don't really (after Myst, I bought a playstation, we played a lot of Doom), I have designed & developed training games using various game engines

[additionally, I'd like to mention to you that there's an org. called ICT -- Institute for Creative Technologies -- here in LA which is a DoD/entertainment industry/gaming industry consortium developing not only lifelike military training virtual environments and games, but also investigating ways these game environments can be used to target weaponry. anyway, this org. is in the same building as Antioch LA -- you may know of Antioch's low res MFA program -- I taught in their BA program -- as I generally wore a suit / came from work (then at SONY), everybody thought I was ICT, not Antioch]

plus, while I was laid up in my hotel in New York, I started writing a poem (I have 30 pages already) about the Nintendo 64 / Game Cube games available on Lodgenet -- different ways the controller operates, different roles the player has -- I think it is going to be related to role play and the idea of "scening"

in this vein, I would recommend Alan Sondheim and Miekal And if you're bridging into MOOs & online gaming

so, I guess I COULD write something rather short but possibly useful as far as developing games designed to deliver or "prove" "possession" of certain types of information, or navigate certain types of environments or "virtual" and actual performance, like in my poem, but as far as being a savvy and experienced female gamer, nope, sorta useless there --


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