I received an e this morning which seems to indicate Gergia Tech will offer me a Brittain Fellowship; my telephone interview indicated that because of my different experience, I will be teaching a new upper division technical communication course for computer science majors rather than a lower division course for communication majors.

As you know, the first thing one researches when learning about these sorts of things is who has held the fellowship previously, and what it has done for them / their careers. This one is generally a post doc, and generally goes to a PhD in the new technical communication / technical writing / online education, etc. fields. An unusual sidebar is perhaps that, since the host department is Literature, Communication, and Culture, many of the fellows are poets.

Many of them are in Southern California! at CSU San Marcos, where I attended the ACLA with Deborah MEadows, Susan Stweart, and Walter Lew, to an audience that included August Highland and Robert Hershon; and UCI grad and blogger Jennifer Thompson:


which led me to post this description of a book from Roof Books about politics and poetry

The Politics of Poetic Form
Poetry and Public Policy
ed. Charles Bernstein

The relation of poetry to public policy is usually assumed to be tenuous or secondary.
... In contrast, poetry can be conceived as an active arena for exploring the most basic questions about political thought and action.

ways that the formal dynamics of a poem shape its ideology; more specifically, how radically innovative poetic styles can have political meanings.

In what way do choices [of grammar, vocabulary, syntax, and narrative] reflect ideology? How do the dominant styles of both oppositional and liberal political writing affect or limit what can be articulated in these forms?

As I'm writing reviews today with an aim to collecting them, as usual.


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