We have to figure out how much money I owe you for the rogue order of books.

As you know, there were 100, and of that 100, I have consigned 10 and sent 20 to Small Press Distribution. I can pay for the consigned ones if you like, or keep them "off the books" until they sell. I think it may be better to have me pay for them, as I have no idea when or if they will sell. It is just not very easy for me to owe money!

I can't think it will be worth it to ship any overseas, but of course I will do that if you want me to.

I am sorry for the Ledbury thing. I was even able to get into the Brunel conference. I am simultaneously looking for jobs at the bottom of the jobs market and looking for houses at the top of the housing market. This reading in Portland is the last one I can afford to do.


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