I've attached a list of books I can easily add to the list of reviewed books (as I own copies) as well as a toc. of the existing collection, in MS Word format. The list is long, but the reviews are (intended to be) short -- but offering an eccentric, cumulative view of five years of women's poetry published in English. The list of not-yet-reviewed is currently quite heavy on Salt authors, which add an international flavor; I would like to be able to add them, but must disclose I am a Salt author myself. Similarly, I would like to add more Word Tech imprint authors (Ingrid, for example) and Tupelo Press authors (especially Anna Rabinowitz), if you feel that would be a good thing.

I am aware of your approach through form, and I think my focus on process might demonstrate the necessity of reading and considering poetry carefully with regards to form and content.


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