from reading the eliot section of the "new" poetics, there are two wittgenstein - thru - perloff observations I want to make: one is that the greatness - intensity - of the artistic process, the pressure fuses art (made) and event (making)

now, while I don't agree with the latter, the process fusing the art and the event, meaning that art is separable from its event, the first part of the proposition seems awfully close to my value of "excellence" -- that some art / poems have an intesity, excellence, ambition, or something -- part of the motivations of the maker, or inherent in the (thoughts behind the) procedure that separate them from other works

and that the poems in the books I'm winning, winners of a big annual prize, seem to be slack -- not "lacking tension" not "unambitious" not "casual" not "vague" (although they are vague, grammatically, syntactically) -- lacking in intensity and greater purpose


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