still reading 21st century modernism the "new" poetics together with against the day, the pynchon from the columbian exposition to the theory of relativity novel

perloff still interested -- from eliot through to duchamp, in the "impossible to bridge" gap between art and event, for example, eliot's difference between the nam who suffers and the man who creates, wittgensteins opacity of pain / internal emotional states (to language games) and here, the difference between intent and result (event?) being the "art"

Russell characterised the stuff of our initial states of perception as "events", a stance which is curiously akin to his old teacher Whitehead's process philosophy.

Process philosophy identifies metaphysical reality with change and dynamism. The majority of metaphysics since the time of Plato, on the other hand, usually posits a "timeless" metaphysical reality of substances, objects, or things,

guess what -- since this relates to whitehead's relativity, it toes into AGAINST THE DAY which I'm still doing

thus far, this has led to a way of seeing the draft of the inanna pem,"singularity", at the beginning of OOD as a series of topoi (as the oldest poem, it can only be that) and topologies, as well as a survey of language games (perhaps -- that may be for the computer language poem -- one of the other two unwritten), but also demanding a pass through the poems looking at this -- I feel artificial -- division between art and event


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