the second thing from reading the eliot chapter of the perloff boook is Wittgenstein's ideas of lack of information in a language game, ie., he writes that a poem does not play the game of giving information

thus I am trying to figure out -- because my hunch is that if some symbolic logicians are said to be creating and imparting information how could no poets be creating and imparting information? this obviously means I have to figure out Wittgenstein on information.

for example, proof is a language game, and proofs are in many ways very much lilke poems -- in fact, the end of the late 20th century free verse poem was very much like the conclusion of a proof

but we've long moved on from that anyway, even from the script, to the map as language game, as field for representing not information, but information processing (but in information processing, representing informaiton IS processing it)

Ah well, waiting for the water heater inspector before jury juty in traffic court (a dui, of course, of all the wasteful things to bring to a jury trial).


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