so, in short, I can't find more oppenheim, but I found LOTS of "Cahun" -- newly republished in french, but FREE!!! in french original -- but perhaps problemetized by claims of her collaboration with her partner -- persuasive, from what I've seen, esp. visually --

writing my talk for inventors in the temple: avant garde formalism

I belatedly realize I'm the NYS person on the panel, gotta hold up my end


an arguable quote from Rich:

Critical discourse about poetry has said little about the daily conditions of our material existence, past and present: how they imprint the life of the feelings, of involuntary human responses - how we glimpse a blur of smoke in the air, look at a pair of shoes in a shop window, or a group of men on a street-corner, how we hear rain on the roof or music on the radio upstairs, how we meet or avoid the eyes of a neighbour or a stranger. That pressure bends our angle of vision whether we recognise it or not.


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