more about artist statements -- oh joy

* Artists are artists, not writers, so think seriously about hiring a professional writer or editor, preferably one with an art background, to help you convey what you want your statement to convey in language that people can understand.


* Connect what your art expresses with the medium that you're expressing it in. For example, if your art is about world peace, and it consists of twigs protruding from pieces of clay, explain the connection. Arbitrarily stating that twig/clay protrusions represent world peace leaves people wondering. If, of course, the object of your art or your statement is to leave people wondering, then that's O.K. In art, everything is O.K., but in order to succeed as an artist, someone beside yourself generally has to get the point of what you're doing.

one of the things I realized in the shower was that my fantasy of content being dissolved in the perfect form/at is nealy identical to the way that anne carson phrases the goal of her spiritual journey based on eros -- YUCK!!!!

so, obviously, that was not the answer I was seeking to deliver.

[break while I water the herbs with *miracle gro* my lawn certainly not organic]
[break while I learn my parents suffered only minor damage from Wilma]
[break while my husband points out that lower left quadrant of the garage door is slightly less greeny oriental ginger than the reamining quadrants]


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