Why do you like to make art?
What subjects do you prefer? Why?
What processes and techniques do you use? Why?
How is your work different from others?
What do you see in your artwork?
What do other people say they see?
What are your goals and aspirations as an artist?
Who or what inspires you?

I tend to distrust writing advice that includes "don't edit" "don't analyse" but then I guess that's what makes writing these things so hard. I think I'm going to write a mission statement instead. While those are too vague and obviously committee-written, they aren't so new agey.

this sample written by the writer of the above:


The changing light of day and the moods it creates are the foundations of my watercolors. My paintings usually start with a color idea, then evolve into compositions in which color is the primary subject. To me, art is a synthesis of my personal feelings, the subject or colors that inspire me and my materials and techniques. Serenity and simplicity are my primary goals.

although I often used weather as a trope for emotion in my earlier poems....


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