am making my own non organic non free range chix broth today, after my dismay at the 99 cents store low sodium broth, which I turn to in times of need, containing YEAST

so, the bacteria test (lactulose breath test) being in the normal range, we've still got

no dairy (well, I just got some of that milk with the enzyme in it)
no fructose / corn syrup / fruit as is contained in non dairy creamer I'd been making ice cream out of & I think in rice dream -- got to check, except I'm out of rice dream
no wheat
careful with rye, any high - fiber anything
no raw nuts except pine nuts, macadamias
no peas, beans, peanuts
no soy
no caffeine
no avocados, cucumbers
low fat
low carbs (watch corn, rice, etc. very carefully)

what about tomatoes? the question of the day


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