female poet's films

Alice Duer Miller

Tangier (1946) (story)
On Borrowed Time (1939)
The Girl on the Front Page (1936)
Rose-Marie (1936)
... aka Indian Love Call (USA: TV title)
... aka Rose Marie (USA: poster title)
Disgraced! (1933) (also story)
The Keyhole (1933) (story Adventuress)
The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1929)
Man-Made Woman (1928)
Four Walls (1928)
Two Lovers (1928) (adaptation)
Man, Woman and Sin (1927)
The Devil Dancer (1927)
Altars of Desire (1927)
Valencia (1926) (also story)
... aka The Love Song
The Boy Friend (1926) (adaptation)
Exquisite Sinner (1926)
Monte Carlo (1926/I) (also adaptation)
Pretty Ladies (1925)
Lady of the Night (1925)
Cheaper to Marry (1925)
So This Is Marriage? (1924)
Slave of Desire (1923) (adaptation)
Red Lights (1923) (adaptation)
Fourteenth Lover (1922) (story)

Lovely to Look at (1952) (novel Gowns By Roberta)
Spring in Park Lane (1948) (book Come Out of the Kitchen)
The White Cliffs of Dover (1944) (poem)
Forever and a Day (1943)
Irene (1940)
And One Was Beautiful (1940) (novel) (story)
Wife vs. Secretary (1936) (screenplay)
Collegiate (1936)
... aka Charm School (UK)
Roberta (1935) (novel Gowns by Roberta)
Come Out of the Pantry (1935) (book Come Out of the Kitchen)
Big Executive (1933) (story)
Jede Frau hat etwas (1931) (play Come Out of the Kitchen)
Incorregible, La (1931) (novel)
Salga de la cocina (1931) (play Come Out of the Kitchen)
... aka Dulce como la miel (USA: Spanish title)
... aka Suegra para dos (USA: Spanish title)
Kärlek måste vi ha (1931) (play)
Lika inför lagen (1931) (novel Manslaughter)
Réquisitoire, Le (1931) (novel)
Chérie (1930) (play Come Out of the Kitchen)
Princess and the Plumber (1930) (story)
Manslaughter (1930) (novel)
Honey (1930) (book Come Out of the Kitchen)
Leichtsinnige Jugend (1930) (novel)
Someone to Love (1928) (novel The Charm School)
Are Parents People? (1925)
Manslaughter (1922) (novel)
Man with Two Mothers (1922) (story)
Ladies Must Live (1921) (novel)
The Charm School (1921) (story) (play)
Her First Elopement (1920) (novel) (as Clara Bartram) (story)
Something Different (1920) (novel Calderon's Prisoner)
Come Out of the Kitchen (1919) (book)
Less Than Kin (1918) (story)
The Firefly (1937) (treatment) (uncredited)


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