Ella Young

The Rose of Heaven: Poems
Illustrated by Maude Gonne

Candle Press, 1920

The Weird of Fionavar
Talbot Press, 1922

Aileen Fisher
Dorothy Mason Pierce
Edwina Fallis
Dorothy Brown Thompson
Marian J. Rosenzweig
(Mary Frances Butts)
(Frances Frost)
Mary Catherine Parsons
Dorothy Aldis (not mary -- 1923 poems)
Olive Beaupre Miller
Polly Chase Boyden
Mary Austin -- her poems, not land of little rain
Annette Wynne
Rosemary Carr
Nancy Boyd Turner
Eleanor Farjean
Elizabeth Coatsworth
Elinor Chipp, The City and Other Poems, Four Seas Co., 1922
Elizabeth Madox Roberts, The Rainbow Cat, 1922; The Fairy Green, 1919; Fairies and Chimneys
Rose Fyleman
Mary Britton Miller
Carmen Bernos de Gasztold
Winnifred Welles
Rachel Field, California FAiry Tales, 1926
Monica Shannon
Wanda Gag
Carlyn Wells, Baubles, Dodd, Mead, 1917; The Lover's baedecker, tons of stuff including nonsense verse
Laura E. Richards
Mary E. Wilkins Freeman, can only find short stories
Mildred Howells, WD Howells' daughter
Mildred Plew Meigs
Ethel Talbot, London Windows, 1912
Ella Young (see above)

anybody want to give me free access to an academic library???


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