she was also a screenwriter and novelist -- put herself through barnard writing genre fiction; I just posted her filmography (and some lists of female poets in the Harriet Monroe POETRY circle, and others) HERE

mentioning The Little Room salon / reading series

truthfully, much of the action as far as readings before wwi go, salons, talks, and "artistic evenings" not limited to poetry, at arts organizations (such as The Modern School), or sponsored by / fundraising for little magazines, arts organizations, unions, other political organizations, and causes (suffrage, birth control) were quite popular -- Lola Ridge's salon was one of the hottest in the east village, for example. But the whole reading at rallies thing.

ADM was a member of the Algonquin Round Table, a later, permanent salon, although I don't know how much reading and reciting took place at that one!

another thought I had, thinking about foetry and the list as well as public readings, is that in the past, as someone mentioned, it was not acceptable especially for upper middle class or society women, to appear in public, or even, in most cases, to publish

what this resulted in -- and this is why I am thinking of it -- it the over-emphasis on contests and also, if not self-publication, partially-funded publication, rather than actually networking and establishing an audience to achieve book publication, rather than supporting publication through touring / readings, writing reviews, etc.

[making Amy Lowell even more of a groundbreaker; everyone seems to forget she wrote a satirical long poem -- most of the chataquans did it for cash -- in some respects, this lecture circuit could be like a puritan / rural vaudeville or like a traveling tent revival]

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Ah ha! There was a whole subgenre of suffrage poetry at that time! What about fishing around in there? Surely suffrage meetings ca. 1910 would have been the place where many women poets read!

Check this paper on Alice Duer Miller, heretofore completely unknown to me:


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