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Dorothy Parker
Writer - filmography

The Lovely Leave (1999) (short story)
T'odio, amor meu (1996) (TV) (work)
Women and Men: Stories of Seduction (1990) (TV) (story Fireworks Before Dusk)
Ladies of the Corridor (1986) (TV)
Big Blonde (1980) (TV) (short story)
... aka Dorothy Parker's Big Blond (USA: complete title)
A Star Is Born (1954) (1937 screenplay)
Queen for a Day (1951) (story Horsie)
... aka Horsie
The Fan (1949)
... aka Lady Windermere's Fan (UK)
Smash-Up: The Story of a Woman (1947) (story)
... aka A Woman Destroyed (UK)
... aka Smash-Up
Saboteur (1942) (original screenplay)
Weekend for Three (1941) (screenplay)
The Little Foxes (1941) (additional scenes and dialogue)

Trade Winds (1938)
Sweethearts (1938)
The Cowboy and the Lady (1938) (uncredited)
Woman Chases Man (1937) (uncredited)
A Star Is Born (1937) (screenplay)
Lady Be Careful (1936)
Suzy (1936)
The Moon's Our Home (1936)
Three Married Men (1936)
One Hour Late (1935)
Here Is My Heart (1934) (uncredited)
Remodeling Her Husband (1920) (titles)

Leonard Bernstein: Candide (2003) (TV) (additional lyricist)
Candide (1989) (TV) (lyricist)
... aka Bernstein Conducts Candide (USA)
Candide (1986) (TV) (lyricist)
... aka Live from Lincoln Center: Candide (USA: series title)
Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (1951) (lyricist: "How am I to Know?") (uncredited)
The Hoodlum Saint (1946) (lyricist: "How Am I To Know") (uncredited)
The Big Broadcast of 1936 (1935) (lyricist: "I Wished on the Moon")
Dynamite (1929) (lyricist: "How Am I to Know") (uncredited)


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