florence Wilkinson
Edith Wyatt
Agnes Lee
Margery Curry

Olive Tilford Dargen
Julia CR Dorr
Josephine Preston Peabody
Edith Thomas

Harriet Monroe and copyright -- won a reprint suit -- some funds from that

Arthur & Owen Aldis = Chicago real estate firm, Mary Aldis' husband, connected to Poetry through a salon called The Little Room

Marguerite Wilkinson
Theodosia Garrison
Alice Maynell


Grace Fallow Norton
Violet Hunt Hueffer
Fannie Stearns Davis
Margaret Root Garvin
Florence Earle Gates
Isabele Howe Fiske -- rel. to Arthur Fiske???
Amelia Josephine Burr
Margaret Widdemer
Emilia Stuart Lorimer
Helen Dudley
Margaret French Patton
Helen Hoyt -- poet -- worked int he poetry office
Louise Driscoll
Louise Ayers Garnett
Antoinette DeCoursey
Georgia Wood Pangbourne
Constance Lindsay Skinner

west coast indian songs


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