more common mainstream advice about manuscripts

aside from -- can you wedge your collection or your "greatest hits" into the current fad for very unified projects" -- is this stuff


no puns, but quirky and catchy, but not too cute
solid, concrete, imagistic or uncommon words, unusual, but not too unusual -- avoid obscure references
think about internet search engines being able to find your book
avoid vaporous titles with words like blood, heart, justice...
don't use a color
don't use a title of something else

author photos

sell more books, especially if the author is ugly
don't look silly
don't include your pet
avoid showing both ears, or your hands


the blurb is technically the description (which the author generally writes); what we call blurbs are mini "pre-reviews" from readers, critics, writers, usually more accomplished than you are

blurbs are advertising

authors ask for blurbs

don't ask for more than you will use

query for blurbs


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